Which Direction Should You Take When Starting Guitar Lessons?
Which Direction Should You Take When Starting Guitar Lessons?
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There are many options you can take when you start taking guitar lessons. Due to this, many beginners go between different things, don’t finish projects fully and end up giving up.
I think it is worth beginners learning lots of terminology early on. Try to watch videos on YouTube to get an understanding of what people are talking about. Read autobiographies of your favourite guitarists, and listen to podcasts. Learning music can feel like learning another language at times! Learning some of the meaning of these phrases can make life a great deal easier in lessons.

Setting Goals

Having a clear goal makes it much easier to get practicing efficiently. You can choose so many things though, it can seem overwhealming. This is where a good guitar teacher comes into their own. They have taught many students in various ways, and after meeting you and hearing what your goals are, can structure a course to help you achieve your goals.
Grades are a good way to get started. They have a structured syllabus with chords, scales, songs and aural perception. Grades are a good way for monitoring your progress and learning a wide range of skills at once. However grades are very scale intensive and can sometimes feel like you are learning scales and not using them.

The blues is another good place to start with the guitar. The blues is musically central to all pop and rock, and is quite technically difficult, so it teaches guitarists many advanced techniques such as a hammer on and pull offs. If you don’t understand what those two things are, well that why it is worth watching a few guitar videos to absorb this sort of language! The blues is quite a free way of learning, and does not offer the sort of structure of grades.

Of course you may already have an idea of what you want to do, or may have been playing for a while. If you have an idea of what you want to go for then you should go with that! These are ideas for people who are really just starting out and want some direction.
Whatever you end up deciding to do, good luck! Remember there is no wrong way to learn, just get with something that you feel suits you and go for it. Everything you learn should benefit you in the long run, sometimes it is easy to overthink these things and end up not practicing anything at all!
I am a guitar teacher based in Chichester, West Sussex. I offer guitar lessons to all ages and abilities.
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