Rock and Pop Guitar Lessons

Both pop and rock guitar lessons cover very varied genres that include artists from David Bowie to Eminem, Metallica to Madonna and everyone in-between. It is surprising how similar a lot of these styles can be. When learning a new pop or rock song, good guitarists often study the skills that are used within it so they can apply them quickly to future songs. When learning pop and rock songs try to remember to extract the theory from them as you would any other genre of music, it can shave years off your practice!

Smells like teen spirit solo

I have recorded a few clips of myself performing sections from some of my favourite songs. These are songs that I feel are iconic, and I use them in my lessons to teach key components of music. In lessons we also talk about the background of these guitarists, and often we find they studied blues guitar when they were learning themselves. There are video clips of John Frusciante (Red Hot Chilli Peppers) showing the viewer his Jimmy Hendrix collection, which he learnt the whole lot entirely by ear. Slash also speaks in his auto-biography about learning the blues, and how he has performed with B.B King, one of the all time blues greats. When you start to unpick these songs, and the guitarists that played them, we often find it is beneficial to go and learn some blues if you have not already.

Knocking on heavens door solo

If you are interested in learning to play rock or pop guitar like your favourite guitarists then get in touch with me today to book in your first lesson.