Online Guitar Lessons
Online Guitar Lessons
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With Covid 19 having us in lockdown longer than most expected, all tuition has moved online. Through zoom, I have been offering online guitar lessons since the beginning of the lockdown to great success. My students have continued to grow and develop throughout the past two months of zoom guitar lessons, and together we have overcome obstacles to make lessons run smoothly and as optimal as possible.

Benefits of using Zoom.

The benefits of using zoom to do online guitar lessons include enhanced security, better screen and audio sharing capabilities, and greater control over audio quality.
Security from online hackers is of course not an issue that appears in the world of face to face lessons. Zoom encrypts each meeting making things far more secure.
Follow the video below on how to set up zoom and enhance the audio for guitar lessons.

Getting the most out of Online Guitar lessons.

Below are a few tips on getting the most out of your online zoom guitar lessons.

Choose as quiet a place to have your lesson.

It can be quite distracting if your dog keeps barking (as cute as I am sure he is!) Also siblings that are playing etc can be a huge distraction. Getting yourself somewhere quiet helps us both hear each other much clearer.

Get your space organised

Get organised with all of your guitar books, capo’s, metronome and guitar tuners etc. I have had a couple of lessons where people have spent 5 minutes searching through their room for their guitar tuner or the previous week’s homework, which takes away from us getting to work through what we need to work through. Treat it like a normal lesson and spend a couple of minutes getting prepared beforehand.

Get a printer set up,

I will have to email over set tasks, so having a printer ready to go will be handy. If you do not have one then we can write it out together during the lesson so you have a copy. Also use the best speakers with the computer possible. If it is possible, then try to use headphones, as this will allow you to hear the bass frequencies much more, whilst blocking out outside noise.

Spend a few minutes before our first lesson setting up.

If you are using an electric guitar, plug in so we can both hear you properly. Set the camera so I can see the guitar as well as your face if possible, and make sure your speakers and mic are all working okay.

Book an online guitar lesson

Being online may not be ideal, but if we are organised we can work through some great content, and what a better time to get some good guitar practice in than during this lockdown! I have been practicing and working through some songs I have always wanted to get through. My evenings are currently spent with the metronome, working on getting fast lines in time. This prevents me getting bored whilst giving me a sense of achievement, I am really starting to value my time a bit more right now. If you are feeling a bit lost at the moment, and want some direction, please do get in touch and we can get a practice plan in place that will help give you something to aim for each day, and at the same time progress your guitar playing, meaning when all of this is over you will be a better guitarist for it!
My prices are competitively priced, and offer one of the best values around. Please use the contact page to get intouch to book your first lesson.


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I am a guitar teacher based in Chichester, West Sussex. I offer guitar lessons to all ages and abilities.
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