About Ian

I am a full time musician who currently offers guitar lessons in Chichester. I gig weekly in various professional bands, and have performed throughout the U.K and New Zealand.

As well as performing, I teach students of all ages and abilities. I genuinely love my job and wouldn’t change it for the world. The connections I have made with students over the years are my favourite elements of teaching, and I get a great sense of pride from the work we do together.

first guitar lessons

I spent a decade as a self taught guitarist before taking guitar lessons at 21. My guitar teacher at the time was inspiring, made everything feel simple, and whenever I was struggling, put me at ease, meaning I never wanted to give up. Together we made what the internet had made confusing so simple. His teaching style was really laid back and effective. I have modelled much of what I do with students around these very guitar lessons.

new zealand

At 22 I travelled to New Zealand to teach 1-1 instrumental lessons to budding students. I enjoyed watching my students grow, and teaching them all the things I had learned over the years. Some friends and I formed a band in Christchurch, where we started to play the local music scene.


Returning to university seemed the next logical step to help me advance as a guitar teacher, and give me the credentials and knowledge needed to give students the best experience possible. I flew back in February 2013 and gained a place at Chichester University to study a BMus jazz music degree. After graduating I went on to study a master’s degree at the University of Southampton. Southampton University is renowned for its high standard in music, and was the perfect environment for me to push myself even further.


For guitar lessons to be great I ensure I keep my own guitar playing up to date. This means you are being taught by a current working professional, who is surrounded by other professional musicians. I play in a wide variety of settings, regularly performing at restaurants, bars, festivals, weddings and more.
I have opened for Scouting For Girls, worked alongside members of The Rizzle Kicks, and have attended workshops with Nigel Price (Ronnie Scott’s), Scott McGill (renowned fusion guitarist) and Bob Reynolds (Snarky Puppy, John Mayer). Constantly learning by being immersed in the world of music allows me to teach musicians what they need to know to maximize their own potential. I have also been lucky enough to teach for The Band Project, perform at Victorious Festival, teach at Chichester College and perform at some of the top jazz venues in London.

I play guitar, bass guitar and double bass for a London based Jazz Band. Together we have performed at some spectacular gigs, including at The House of Commons, The Cavalry Guard Club, Queens College Cambridge, The Savoy Hotel, Wilton’s Music Hall and much more. If you are looking for some jazz guitar lessons in Chichester then feel free to get in touch with me to discuss the best options for you.

Learning the guitar is a fun experience that people undertake for several reasons. If you want to play guitar then taking lessons are a fun and fast way to become an accomplished player. In the long run guitar lessons will make you a much more rounded and advanced musician, and will get you on the right track quicker than any other method of guitar training. Check out my free lessons blog for some tips on getting started.