Tuning your guitar
Tuning your guitar
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It is essential that your guitar is in tune when you play. This is for a number of reasons.
1- If your guitar is out of tune your ear will be learning how your guitar sounds the wrong way. You want your ear to recognise how your guitar should sound in ‘standard tuning’ early on.
2 – If your guitar is out of tune, it doesn’t matter how well you play, it will sound wrong, which will make you feel that you sound worse than you are.

Learn the names of the strings

First you must learn the names of the strings off by heart. Practice saying the names of strings out loud and paying through them each day, and use the rhyme below to help you remeber the names of the strings. This is not only useful for helping you tune, but also for helping you learn chords, scales and songs.
Make sure you use a guitar tuner, or piano to tune your guitar to every time you tune. You can tune by ear or by an electronic tuner. Below is some basic advice on how to tune using an electronic tuner.
When you switch your electronic guitar tuner on, ensure each of the strings show the correct letter on the tuner, and that the needle is in the centre and the light is green / blue.
You can purchase a guitar tuner online from any of the retailers listed below. I like Andertons because they do great videos. Check out their YouTube channel to see what I mean :).

Below is a video from Marty Schwartz on how to tune by ear. He also goes through the strings (with a different rhyme). Both ways of tuning are worth learning to do if you can, as you may not always have a tuner on hand to use! (Plus learning to tune by ear is great for improving your aural perception)

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