Guitar Lessons Chichester

For guitar lessons to be great I ensure I keep my own guitar playing up to date. This means you are being taught by a current working professional, who is surrounded by other professional musicians. I play in a wide variety of settings, regularly performing at restaurants, bars, festivals, weddings and more. If you are hoping to one day perform with other people, then you will gain a great insight in how to work with other musicians by taking lessons with me.
Rock Guitar Lessons - Ian playing guitar
As well as performing in various bands, I run my own personal project. Together we perform a range of blues contemporary music that lends itself towards the jazz canon. I love performing compositions by guitarists such as Julian Lage, John Scofield, Charlie Hunter and Mark Lettieri. I am lucky enough to be joined by some great musicians who I met during my time at Chichester University. I use this project to really push my guitar playing whilst playing the music I love.

Guitar Solo - A Go Go (John Scofield)

This recording was taken from a performance at The Brook, Southampton. The Brook is a great music venue that’s certainly worth checking out! In this recording I am improvising a Blues inspired guitar solo, which focuses around the minor pentatonic scale.

Ian's arrangement of Spain (Chick Corea)

Check out this arrangement of Chick Corea’s fusion jazz standard ‘Spain’. The introduction is taken from the classical concerto – ‘Concerto De Aranjuez’. This song mixes classical guitar with jazz music, two important components of music that many guitar teachers spend time researching to ensure students are receiving a comprehensive education in how music is formed.

The Grand Central Trio is a professional jazz band that performs all over the south coast. Together we have performed at some spectacular gigs. Included are venues such as ‘The House of Commons’, ‘The Cavalry Guard Club’, ‘Queens College Cambridge’, ‘The Savoy Hotel’, ‘Wilton’s Music Hall’ and much more. I have also been lucky enough to perform for a number of prestigious clients such as ‘Bentley’, ‘Dominos’, ‘Orvis’ and ‘The LABC Business Awards’.

I play guitar, bass guitar and double bass for The Grand Central Trio. For more information check out the website by clicking here. If you are interested in learning to play jazz and want some jazz guitar lessons in Chichester contact me today to discuss the best options for you.

Bass Lessons - Ian with his jazz band

Past Projects - Esmeralda and Black Orpheus

‘Black Orpheus’, sometimes known by its other name ‘Manha de Carnaval’, is a piece of Latin music, commonly known as a bossa nova. For guitar players who want to work on their acoustic sound, bossa novas are great to study, as they help get the finger style associated with many great acoustic players sounding authentic.
‘Esmeralda’ is an original composition I wrote during my time in New Zealand, however the song remained untouched until returning to the U.K. Daley and the Cat recorded the song for their first E.P. Songwriting is a great subject to work on in lessons. Things such as song structures, diatonic sequences, melodic and harmonic construction and much more can all be covered in lessons, helping you become a much more rounded songwriter!