Private Guitar Lessons

One-to-one guitar lessons cover all aspects of guitar playing and musicianship. Together we will work through a wide range of lessons needed to become a skilled guitarist, and will work closely to achieve the goals you set for yourself. This is the most traditional lesson available and is still favoured by most as the best way to learn quickly and efficiently.


1 Hour Guitar and Bass Lessons


1/2 Hour Guitar and Bass Lessons

1/2 Price

First Lesson for new students

If you have any questions about guitar or bass lessons, or are interested in booking your first lesson then please contact me via the contact page.
My guitar lessons focus around a wide range of styles. If you are interested in learning more about the styles of lessons I offer please visit the different pages listed below. I teach a wider range of the styles, including funk, latin, reggae and more. If you have a specific style you want to learn that is not listed below please contact me to discuss your goals.

Rock and pop lessons

Budding rock guitarist? Or want to play your favourite pop tunes? Find out more on what you can work on in your lessons and how you can sound like your favourite guitarists in no time.

Blues Guitar Lessons

From Muddy Waters to B.B King, Josh Smith to Stevie Ray Vaughan. Work on your blues scales, turnarounds, learning licks by ear and much more!

Jazz Guitar Lessons

I hold a 1st class jazz degree, and perform weekly in a professional jazz band. Jazz is a great genre for exploring improvisation and really digging deep into music theory. Find out how I can help you unravel a lot of the theory that surrounds jazz.


Grades are great for giving us direction. They help us work on technique and give us a really good feeling of achievement. RGT are my grade body of choice, find out why here.

Bass Lessons

I was lucky enough to study a degree that taught two instrumental studies. Bass is such a cool instrument, and it really helped me underpin my musical knowledge in ways I couldn't on guitar. If your a bassist and want to take your playing to the next level check out the info on my bass lessons here.

If you are unsure of how to choose a good guitar teacher for your guitar lessons, check out this blog. It has some good tips on what to look out for in a guitar teacher.