Guitar Grades

If you are interested in guitar lessons and would like to study grades with me, it is most likely we will study for the RGT graded exams. I like the RGT exams as they are achievable (with a little hard work) while offering a wide range of challenges and fun material to work on. If you are interested in grades for yourself or your child then you can access a full list of the prices for grades here, and a list of the books you will need.

Grades are useful for students but only if the student still enjoys playing the guitar, has fun whilst learning the grade, and extracts the key information intended from the syllabus. Too often I hear of students finding grades a miserable experience. With my lessons you should expect to take your time over grades in a low pressure environment. Mix this with some fun lessons that keep you loving the guitar and there is no reason that taking grades should be a painful experience at all!
guitar grades - the RGT guitar grade book

Guitar Theory Lessons

Guitar theory is a speciality of mine. I enjoy delving into the workings of music, and the theory behind songs. In theory lessons we will work on reading music notation, major scale theory, circle of fifths and fourths, chord construction and much much more. Theory underpins all music, so whatever lessons you are interested in, it is definitely going to be beneficial to take some theory lessons.