How long should your lesson be?
How long should your lesson be?
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It’s a question most people ask when they first email about beginner guitar lessons, here I try to explain how long I think you should take your first guitar lessons for.

If you are a parent and your child is under 12 years old.

I would almost certainly suggest starting with half an hour. I find anything over half an hour can be a bit much. If you find your child wants to put the time up, that’s always a step up for a student. For young beginners, getting them to do their homework can sometimes take a little persuasion. Longer lessons result in more tasks set throughout the week and this can lead to a work load that is too large. So to keep a healthy balance, I suggest starting of with a 30 minute lesson a week and 10 – 15 minutes a day of the tasks set in lesson.

Teenagers and children who have been playing for a while.

This comes down to the individual, and the aims they have from their guitar lessons. The benefits of an hour over half an hour is we get through more and can spend longer checking tasks set from previous weeks. Half an hour can fly by if you are moving through things quickly. If you’re really getting into guitar and are moving beyond beginner guitar lessons then an hour could lead to much quicker development each week. Remember that more tasks will be set each week, so have a think about the balance of other hobbies you have before committing yourself to an hour a week. If you try an hour and find it is proving too much, then you can always go down to half an hour.


With adults I usually recommend an hour a week. The only thing I think that comes against this is cost and time. An hour gives us more time to sit and listen to music and have a chat about what you want to do, this is useful as adults tend to be more independent learners. If cost or time are an issue then I suggest half an hour a week over an hour fortnightly. This is because the consistency of weekly is far more effiecent, and any mistakes made in practice can be rectified quicker.
It takes quite a long time to learn the guitar. If you are having lessons, whether an hour or half an hour a week, make sure to get a good practice plan in place. Be patient, read and watch from lots of sources, and listen to lots of music! Before you know it you will be playing guitar and having fun.
I am a guitar teacher based in Chichester, West Sussex. I offer guitar lessons to all ages and abilities.
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