Bass Lessons

If you are looking for bass lessons in Chichester, you are in the right place. I play bass with a number bands in a professional context. On this page you can find some information about my bass playing, and what you can expect from your bass lessons.
My bass playing mainly focuses around jazz and blues, and the genres of music that stem from these. The huge of umbrella of music that has stemmed from jazz and blues includes most mainstream rock and pop music. My ability to read bass clef and learn by ear helps me get bass lines down that students want to work on, together we will work through iconic bass lines, whilst understanding the theory that underpins them.
Here is a short clip of me performing with jazz band The Grand Central Trio. This is our arrangement of Ed Sheeran’s Shape of You. By understanding fundamental bass lines we can turn songs into latin, funk, reggae and much more. The bass is the instrument that often underpins these styles so having a good understanding of how they all work will make you far more versatile.
In lessons we will spend a lot of time looking at scales and arpeggios, as they are the key building blocks for any bass player to play their favourite bass lines. In addition to this we will work on developing a good sense of time, working on finding a good tone, and honing in some techinque to make our playing easier and smoother.
If you are interested in bass lessons then please use the contact page to get in touch by clicking here.