Guitar Teacher based in Chichester

have you Always Dreamt of playing the guitar?

Many people, like you, dream of playing guitar like their heroes. I spend my time helping students realise their dreams everyday, by teaching them their favourite songs, and I absolutely love doing it! Whatever your current level, you can do it, and as your skills grow, so will your confidence. Your goals could be to play guitar like your idols, perform in a band or to simply learn a few favourite songs. My guitar teaching is student focused, and together we will quickly start getting you the results you are looking for.

Many Guitar players end up stuck playing the same things

Often, people who have always dreamed of playing guitar, have in fact been trying for a long time. Are you a guitarist who has been stuck playing the same thing for years? This leaves many feeling frustrated, wasting their time and wanting to give up. To combat this I set simple tasks to get some motivation going, assign good practice routines that are easy to stick to, and help you find the focus needed to finish songs and get the basics mastered.

Good guidance is vital when learning The guitar

As a student you need a guitar teacher that offers structure, good practice routines, and teaches the basics so you can have a great foundation to learn from. Online guitar lessons confuse and miss basics that can lead to ineffective learning and bad habits. I continue to work with amazing students of a wide range of ages and abilities, and wherever you are on your journey, I am here to help you get to the next level. So what are you waiting for? Book a lesson today and start getting ready to make more progress through your lessons than you ever could alone!

Lessons for everyone

One hour, half hour and group lessons available. Find the learning style that suits you.

Value for money

Guitar Lessons are priced at £16 for a half hour lesson and £27 for an hour lesson.

Join a Community

I run social events and open mic nights so students can meet other like minded people.

Teaching credentials

10+ Years Teaching Experience

Best Reviews in the Area

Band Leader for one of the South Coasts Most Successful Jazz Bands

PhD Doctorate in Music Education (Currently Studying)

Master’s of Music Degree

RGT Registered Tutor With 100% Grades Pass Rate

DBS Checked