one to one Guitar Lesson Prices

Here are the pricing details for guitar lessons with Ian

One to one guitar lessons cover all aspects of guitar playing and musicianship. With Ian you will work through a wide range of skills needed to become a skilled guitarist, and will work closely with Ian to achieve the goals you set for yourself. This is the most traditional lesson available and is still favoured by most as the best way to learn quickly and efficiently. Lessons take place at Ian’s home, in Chichester City Centre. Free parking is available, contact Ian for more information

1 hour guitar Lesson


1/2 hour guitar Lesson


1 hour Bass Lesson


1/2 hour bass Lesson



If you are interested in guitar lessons with Ian, and have considered taking grades, then it is most likely that you will study for the RGT graded exams. Ian likes the RGT exams as they are achievable (with a little hard work!!) while offering a wide range of challenges and fun material to work on. If you are interested in grades for yourself or your child then you can access a full list of the prices for grades here, and a list of the books you will need here.

If you have any questions about guitar or bass lessons, or are interested in booking your first lesson then please contact Ian via the contact page.