Jazz Guitar Lessons

Ian – Local Specialist Jazz Guitar Teacher Chichester. If you are interested in one – one jazz lessons then have a read through this page to find out more on how you could benefit from jazz lessons with Ian.

What are you likely to cover in lessons?

There are many ways of approaching jazz, and many styles exist within the genre. From fast hard be bop to slow beautiful ballads, there is no right or wrong style when learning jazz. However there are a lot of things worth working through early on that will help give you a solid understanding of whats going on around you, and help you to develop your own voice. Jazz is often broken down into three main components for guitarists, melody, comping and soloing.

The melody. Often called the head, is the main hook of the tune. It is usually played over the first chorus, and again over the last chorus. Singers will sing the head if there are lyrics, or often lead instruments will take the head, such as trumpet or saxophone. There is nothing to stop a guitarist playing the head though, and many famous guitarists do just that. Guitarists such as John Scofield and Pat Martino are often heard playing heads to tunes, listen to John Scofield’s Chicken dog, or Pat Martino’s Sunny to hear some examples of this. Within lessons with Ian you will work on playing the heads to tunes, either learning them by ear, or learning to read them from the Real Book. You will also discover skills needed when playing the head, or leading the band, such as counting in and trading fours.

Comping.   If you are looking for a Jazz Guitar Teacher Chichester then contact Ian on via the contact page here. If you are interested hearing more of Ian’s playing then check out The Tom Belbin Trio website. A professional level Jazz Trio that Ian is a permanent member of.